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ken in copper canyon

Remotely yours; testing a lifestyle

I am currently engaged in a lifestyle experiment of sorts. Something I have always had an interest in doing, but never found the ‘right’ time.

Well, this isn’t exactly the right time either, but circumstances made it so and therefore the experiment began. I am riding my motorcycle through Central America, and plan to stay down here awhile and do some projects for some clients. Sounds simple, really. And simplicity is what made me think it was possible in the first place.

The reality has been that moving around and working just don’t go together. At least not at the pace we’ve been moving. Continue reading

Speeding up workflow with a batch file

This is a quickie for Windows users.

Pretty much every single day — or at least days that I’m working on web dev projects (pretty much every single day!), if my computer has been shut down I have to re-launch the same bundle of applications that I use to work. I finally realised that computers are quite good at dealing with repetitive tasks and really should be handling this, not me. The answer is to create a batch file that launches each program.
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So What Industry Are We In Anyway?

Recently I applied for a new (cheaper) business account after over a decade with my current bank. Filling out the application reminded me of doing this very same thing many years ago, and not being able to find my ‘industry’ in the list they provided. Back then I just assumed it was because web development was pretty new. Imagine then my surprise when I found exactly the same problem on this latest application.
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