Speeding up workflow with a batch file

This is a quickie for Windows users.

Pretty much every single day — or at least days that I’m working on web dev projects (pretty much every single day!), if my computer has been shut down I have to re-launch the same bundle of applications that I use to work. I finally realised that computers are quite good at dealing with repetitive tasks and really should be handling this, not me. The answer is to create a batch file that launches each program.

On testing this, the first issue I ran into was the Vista’s User Account Control interrupted the process because it insists on asking if I want to launch Wamp Server. So to deal with this I had to change my UAC settings to stop the popup (you can read about it here).

Once that is dealt with (and depending on your settings it may not be an issue for you), it is easy to create a batch file using notepad. I called mine ‘webdev’ and saved it with a ‘.bat’ extension in the root of my user account, which is where the command line refers to when launching it with a run command.

The batch file is really simple and looks like this:

@echo off
rem Wamp
cd c:\wamp
start wampmanager.exe
rem PhpStorm
cd c:\Program Files\JetBrains\PhpStorm 3.0.2\bin
start phpstorm.exe
rem Klok
cd c:\Program Files\Klok
start klok.exe
rem Cool Timer
cd c:\Program Files\Cool Timer
start ct.exe
rem Firefox
cd C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
start firefox.exe

To run the batch file, once Windows is loaded, I go the Start>Start Search field and type in: cmd c/ webdev. Now all 5 applications are launched and I can do something else until they are all loaded.

It’s not a huge time-saver, but it eliminates the incidents where I am about to start working and realise that I haven’t launched Wamp Server yet (often), or that I am working and realise I am not keeping track of the time (even more often).

I’m sure there is a Mac equivalent for those who develop on Macs.

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