Plugin: Custom Post Type Auto Menu

NOTE: The plugin has been updated since this post to handle multiple custom post types. This article still gives the basics but the settings have changed since then. Read about it here.

While working on a recent site, I realised that a simplified method for adding a new custom post type post to a menu was needed for the sake of the clients, who are not used to working with a CMS. In this case, the ‘Projects’ custom post type is used to encapsulate all the photos and information they would like to display related to each of their construction projects. The projects are listed on the ‘Projects’ page and displayed in the corresponding menu.
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Mobile First Frameworks

The philosophy is catching on, the market if catching up. Mobile First has taken root and for us developers things are getting easier. The Foundation framework by Zurb has adopted the principle in version 4, its latest incarnation:

“Mobile First: Now you can build for small devices first. Then, as devices get larger and larger, layer in more complexity.”

Next to follow is the very popular Twitter Bootstrap, when version 3 is released:

“Go mobile first. Responsive CSS is no longer separate and all responsive features are now compiled into the core bootstrap.css file. Separate files are no longer required, and have thus been removed.”

With these two productivity tools pushing the Mobile First mantra, we can expect the whole web landscape to start becoming a lot more responsive. This is a great opportunity for developers, and a great way to get left behind for businesses who don’t consider how important having the right site for the right device really is.

Remotely yours; testing a lifestyle

I am currently engaged in a lifestyle experiment of sorts. Something I have always had an interest in doing, but never found the ‘right’ time.

Well, this isn’t exactly the right time either, but circumstances made it so and therefore the experiment began. I am riding my motorcycle through Central America, and plan to stay down here awhile and do some projects for some clients. Sounds simple, really. And simplicity is what made me think it was possible in the first place.

The reality has been that moving around and working just don’t go together. At least not at the pace we’ve been moving. Continue reading